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9 fictional cars with the best extra features

While a lot of cool cars bless the screen, some are just a few notches above your average muscle car.  We decided that on today's li... thumbnail 1 summary

While a lot of cool cars bless the screen, some are just a few notches above your average muscle car.  We decided that on today's list we would  get into some of the baddest cars around.  It is important to note that there isn't any official answer on what the hell is on top of the Ecto-1, which lead to it not appearing. As always, the cars with the best after market options were debated, and the justification was made for the last cars standing.  I fought long and hard for the magic school bus, but it was determined that Ms. Frizz was the source of the magic, this battle is not over. Without further delay, we give you the cars with the best after market options. 

1. Christine - Christine
Ok sure, she might be a LITTLE homicidal, but no more so than some girls that get cheated on.  Looking past that, we have a beautiful 58 Plymouth Fury.  She can drive herself, heal damage, play you songs on the radio, and...kill your enemies.  To some people that is a big plus.  Plus lets talk about the extended scene and the book ending, whether you choose to picture the final battle verse a bulldozer or a giant pink truck named petunia, it is cannon that she survives.  Any car that is still kicking after a fight with a bulldozer, and goes out of its way to take care of you, is at the very least worth a mention, plus, its just a really pretty car.

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2. The Delorian - Back to the future

Kind of a gimme, a flying car that travels through time.  I know that in the movies it never has fuel and that is ALWAYS a big problem, but off screen doc uses it just fine most of the time.  Sure it doesn't talk to you, but it has a flux capacitor man!  You can go anywhere, it doesn't even need roads.  Once it got the Mr. Fusion, it runs on trash too, which is just economical.  Plus the rest of these may be cool, but no other car is leaving awesome flame tracks whenever it gets floored.

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3. The gadget mobile - Inspector Gadget

From van into police car, the gadget mobile could transform.  It had so many gadgets it is hard to list them all but a few notables are a rocket engine, extending wheels, ejector seats, extendable claws, and caltrops.  It is also completely voice activated.  So it is equal parts, transformer, bond car, and KITT.  Plus being able to change into a police car has all its own advantages, just ask the blues brothers.

4. Herbie - Herbie the love bug
 Number 53, Herbie probably has the most soul in this list.  While most people picked there car, Herbie went out and picked a driver, one that he didn't even need.  The 63 deluxe pearl white Volkswagen has control over its entire body, opening its own doors and and even able to spit oil on people.  Sporting a porsche super 90 engine, and enough speed to win races, not only does Herbie win as a car, but has shown that he wins as a friend too.

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5. James Bond's Aston Martin - Goldfinger

James bond's first car is almost as useful as 007 himself.  The DB5 was heavily upgraded having guns, oil slicks, bullet proof shields, ejector seats, revolving license plates, tire slashing hub caps, and even radar.  It set the standard for cool spy cars and most movies have shamelessly made pale imitations of it.  It was a good car to start with, but becoming the swiss army knife of the spy trade as well as a lady magnet certainly helped quite a bit.

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6. The Batmobile - Batman

The first question is probably, which one?  The answer is, does it matter?  Every single Batmobile is one of the coolest cars ever made.  From rockets, to domed windshields, to fins, its always a great design.  Later incorporation of a turbine engine didn't hurt it much either.  With full armor, as many gadgets as Batman himself has, full integration with the bat computer, pop out guns, bladed hub caps, ability to separate into a smaller car, and the ability to drive itself to wherever Batman happens to need it, its impossible not to mention.  I would have to list features for three paragraphs, but along with all those features, almost every Batmobile also firmly establishes a new sense of cool, witch i think is a big feature in and of it self.

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7. The Mach Five - Speed racer

Arguably the best race car ever, it has jacks that boost the car, special grip tires that let it drive upside, rotary saws that come out of the front, a powerful deflector shield that is bullet and crash proof, special illumination to see through any conditions, an underwater mode with a periscope and its own oxygen supply, and a homing robot.  Also, its damn fast.  Most common thing heard while driving the Mach five?  The Mach Five wins.

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8. KITT - Knight rider

Virtually indestructible, KITT is a contender for being the smartest car on this list, able to hold actual conversations and possessing artificial intelligence.  Rocking a full entertainment system and video game arcade he can also run computer programs. 

Self driving, slightly humorous, with a molecular bonded shell plating that allows him to be bullet broof, you need rockets to phase kitt, and most times that didn't even hurt his body, just internal circuits. Another added bonus of the coating is fireproofing and shock proofing, in case taking rockets wasn't enough. 

He is rocket boosted to jump in the are, and times out at a 4.286 second car, hitting 0-60 in 2 seconds.  Equipped with a rediculous amount of sensors to see almost everything superman can plus more, and being the only car here able to run silently, the oil jets, tear gas, grapling hooks, flame throwers, flares, and electrocution modules seem like over kill.  He has multiple ways to increase traction...basicly just think an entire crime lab mixed with a media center, mixed with a military base...kit by far has the most features of any car ever.

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9. Optimus Prime - Transformers

Technically Optimus counts because he is a truck, he just also happens to be a giant super intelligent robot that is one of the most advanced pieces of technology anyone has every known.  Fully sentient and wise, able to upgrade himself into a maximus version of even more heavy metal bad assery, and able to integrate with the command matrix, he is one of the few Primes left.  If all the upgrades, sentience, humanoid robotic form, weaponry, and flight modes weren't enough though, he also goes faster because they painted flames on him.  What?  I'm 12.

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