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7 of the biggest (non cosmic) movie monsters: Giant monsters round up

We love giant monster, but how do the giant movie monsters we love compare?  After our Slasher movie killer comparison , we wanted to fi... thumbnail 1 summary

We love giant monster, but how do the giant movie monsters we love compare?  After our Slasher movie killer comparison, we wanted to figure it out here at GeekyLists and being giant monster geeks ourselves, we set to finding out.  We decided to eliminate space dwelling monsters because of two reasons, first, the scale of them is in thousands of miles, and second, there just isn't enough data from creators, with most being giant versions of normal stuff in space.  We here at GeekyLists felt that the monster part of giant monster was important, and we needed data to give the most accurate comparison we could.  So without further hesitation, in no particular order:

1. Kraken - Clash of the titans - estimated 500ft (152.4m)

A living piece of Hades, trapped in the trenches of the ocean, out of fear from the Greek gods.  Armed with a pair of tentacles, fully articulated hands, armor plating, a maw of razor sharp teeth,  4 legged clawed stance, and three sets of eyes, it deserves the fear it inspires.

Able to swim at incredible speeds due to the tentacles, they are also large enough to drag or smash ships and buildings easily.  The Kraken estimates from 415 to 500 feet according to the movies creators.  When you need a release, this guy gets Kraken.

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2. Sando aqua monster - Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace - 650 ft (200m) body length

The largest carnivorous mammal on Naboo.  Sporting a heavily muscled but still nimble body, a huge gaping frog like maw to swallow things, giant finned claws and a long tail to help with propulsion.  This yellow eyed contender has the second longest length in this list.    It weighs in at an impressive 58,000 tons. 

Given its size and density, neutral tan coloring with yellow eyes, and is capable jaws and claws, the Sando aqua monster is a predator to feared in deed.  We also want to nominate it for most original name.

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3. Slattern - Pacific Rim - 596ft (181.6 m) estimated

The first and only known category V kaiju.  Seen to survive a nuclear bomb at point blank range, Slattern is the equivalent of fighting the devil.  Boasting a trio of triple crowned tails able to peirce armor at mid range, spike like chest protrusions that can extend to inflict damage, two sets of eyes, three digit claws, a roar loud enough to damage environments, and highly resilient leathery scaled skin that serves as armor, make it physically an apex predator.

Of note is its demonstrated intelligence being very high, showing strategy and communication skills, and also its extremely light weight comparatively, it is estimated at 6,750 tons.  It is also one of the few pacific rim monsters with a symmetrical facial structure, like that of a hammerhead shark.  Slattern is a term for a promiscuous woman, its namesake comes from the remark when it was first seen, "That's a big bitch."

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4. Godzilla - Godzilla - 355ft (108.2) tall, 550ft (167.7m) - tail length

Weighing in at 90,000 tons, with a size 888 shoe size, its the big nuclear mutant dinosaur himself.  godzilla comes stock with a giant tail, nuclear blasts, huge mouth of razor sharp teeth, giant claws, and scaled skin adorned with protective spines.  He is on the shorter side of things, but he is also one of the heaviest weighing here. 

Godzilla is showing intelligence too, fully comprehending strategy, and has the benefit of having the most veteran list of battles on this list as well.  All of these creatures are giant monsters, but only Godzilla would count as a giant monster with levels in fighter.  The others may have taken out scores of people, but Godzilla has taken out scores of Godzilla sized monsters, which I think makes him the veteran of the group.  When Godzilla orders a Manhattan, he holds the empire state building himself.

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5. Smaug -  196.85 ft long (60m) with a 287ft(85m) wing span (Scientific estimate from pictures to scale)

The last "Great" dragon in middle earth.  Smaug is also considered to be one of the richest fictional characters of all time, which we think should count for something, that's Tony Stark's super power.  Physically, Smaug has flight, protective scales, fire breath, a massive mouth full of giant fangs, claws, wings large enough to buffet large gusts of wind.

One clear advantage that Smaug has is that he is by far the smartest monster, it isn't even close, he has a full and respectable command of the English language and understands complex thoughts, ideas, and systems.  He readily uses this intelligence as well, he is not a wild animal, he is a psycho path driven mostly by greed.  While being the lightest of the group, he would also be the genius and the only one capable of flight. Lake-town is the only place with a Smaug alert worse than Chinas.

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6.  Clover - Cloverfield - 350ft(106m) upright, 268ft(75m) on all fours, 1,200ft(225.6m) length

From the depths of the ocean, weighing in at 5,806.04 metric tons, with giant claws, a pitchforked finned tail, double jointed elongated front limbs, ear membranes,  two external esophogi sporting teeth like projections, dropping sharp toothed parasites the size of dogs, and wearing highly resistant skin that is extremely heat and pressure resistant, I give you Clover.

The size is given for an infant, because a full grown version is not seen.  It is said that survives the carpet bombing at the end of the film even, which later was retconned in director commentary, if you choose to go by that.  The agility and flexibility in a monster this size is rare though, maybe because it is still a growing kid.  I still haven't seen the full version, every one I get looks like a pirated cam version.

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7.  Sandworm - Dune - 1312ft (400m) long, 131ft(40m) diameter

From the sands of Arrakis, with giant flap opening maws, armored in many overlapped and interlocking scales, and with internal organs resembling massive blast furnaces, our final entry is the Sandworm.  These worms submerge and generate lightning upon surfacing from the static they generate, the gaping maws able to swallow gigantic objects and incinerate them.

While less of a threat in most places on earth due to the extremely fatal reaction to water, these gigantic terrors could do some serious damage in the right desert, and are the only tunneling monster on our list.  If you are ever out in a desert and start smelling cinnamon, leave immediately, these things killed beetle juice.

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