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7 Most Lethal horror movie killers: Clash of the slashers!

As avid horror fans, the GeekyList staff decided to sort out what would happen if all our favorite slasher style horror movie killers ta... thumbnail 1 summary

As avid horror fans, the GeekyList staff decided to sort out what would happen if all our favorite slasher style horror movie killers targeted each other.  It was agreed that all would meet on neutral ground, a sleepy suburban town, all powers and weapons are in play, evidence of multiple uses in the movies counts as a power, so Jason can teleport around, Chucky can climb things and is unusually strong for a doll, and also that effectively incapacitating counts as kill, smashing someone beyond the means to continue getting kills, etc. 

One notable rule was that Pinhead had been summoned for the fight, otherwise he would instantly lose by being stuck in hell, but in order to balance that he starts with no cenobites and the box is in play.  Each of us will advocate for our randomly selected killer, although I don't know why these suckers even bothered as soon as I drew Freddy. - Blue

1. Freddy Krueger

"Not only is Freddy going to win, but he is going to make this look good.  Freddy's claw is fast and he has trained with it, the only other guy here with decent weapon skills is ghost face, and Freddy is easily 5 times more nimble.  He has dexterity for days, most of these guys are getting back flipped over and decapitated.

Freddy is easily the most lethal because as the combatants that do sleep go to bed,lose consciousness from blood loss, or get knocked out from fighting, they all enter Freddy's nightmare.  In nightmare mode he can distort the fabric of reality and make them a horror movie victim, which psychologically some of these heavy hitters are kittens.  He can also improvise weapons and traps he creates at will if that wasn't overkill enough. 

He is a gatekeeper to hell that has shown he is smart enough to wait back and thin the herd before entering the fray and picking off the last few.  One of his serious edges is that most people don't know he exists either.  He's half ninja/half strategist with super powers that can raise him up to god like advantages, no way Freddy is going down. Welcome to his nightmare."  - Blue

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2. Jason Voorhees

"Jason is going to win this for two reasons, first, every other killer is going to assume someone ELSE will take him out, and second, none of them actually can.  Jason is the gold standard for lethal killing machines, he is the strongest on this list, he is the most durable on this list, and he is the simplest on this list.  He is a single minded focused killing machine who has the ability to show up right by you the second you try to avoid him, every aspect of what he does is lethal.

While the others are making plans, and setting up ideas and plots, Jason will be grabbing a hold of them one at a time and savaging them to pieces with his machete or whatever he chooses to force through them.  He could beat Michael Myers to death USING ghost face as a weapon.  He doesn't stop, he doesn't think, he kills, most of this list will be dead before they even have their first idea.

The rest of these killers might as well do a bunch of drugs, grow boobs, and run around topless, because the second Jason grabs them, they are going to last about as long as your average cheer leading little girl." - Red

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3. Michael Myers

 "Michael Myers is the dark horse here, in that this is a contest of evil people, and Myers is the embodiment of PURE evil, more so than the rest.  He has durability through the roof, he is brutal and strong enough to give Jason a run for his money, and smart enough to set up patsies and escape mental institutions.  He uses a simple kitchen knife, but compared to the rest of these guy he wields possibly the widest tool set for killing. 

He is a perfect storm of devious mixed with unkillable, without any of the complex emotions that might slow him down.  He may not have any single aspect stronger than the other killers, but I think being second in a lot of them make him stronger than being first in only one like his competition.  He is one of the few who will target young children and has shown he will go farther than the others.  In a fight of monsters, he is clearly the biggest monster in the most evil sense of the term."  - Purple

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4. Pinhead

"Sweet, Pinhead! Pinhead has possibly the most dangerous advantage, and that is smarts.  Overlooking that hes tough enough to take bullets, strong enough to launch someone through a wall, and able to ensnare people in flesh ripping chains.  He simply is the smartest guy on the battle field, he will out think these guys.

Also, I know we said he doesn't get his normal entourage, which is fair I guess, BUT he has been known to make cenobites out of both the living and the dead.  If you lose to Pinhead, you work for Pinhead, if you lose to anyone else and Pin head finds the body, you work for Pinhead.  He is also the most likely to form an allegiance and use team work against opponents to thin the number.  He is going to end up with some high powered cenobites. He has such things to show them." - Orange

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5. Chucky

 "I am glad that I got Chucky, he is far more dangerous than most people realize.  Yes he is a serial killer and a doll, but hes inventive and embraces technology in his attacks.  He has one of the highest tech levels here, and then there is the first of his two trump cards.

Trump card one is that Chucky isn't stick in his doll body, he knows voodoo and can body switch.  Not only that but he has done this to other people.  I don't think Jason would be that scary as a toy poodle.  I think he is sneaky enough to pull off a body switch or two, which means he could even hide among allied killers and then betray them.

Also in being able to animate dolls with his soul, he has the advantage of being able to hide and access places almost all the others can't, any space a dog could fit in is potential for a flying ball of death ambush.  He knows how to do research, and track, and he is one of the few killers here to show patience, even if it isn't infinite.  Wanna play?  sure, but Chucky is going to win." - Yellow

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6. Ghost Face

 "I saw you all smirking when I got ghost face.  I will be smirking when he wins though, it is one of Ghostface's abilities to have an encyclopedic knowledge of horror movies.  He knows all the other killers strengths, weaknesses, methods, origins.  He knows exactly what has worked against them and what hasn't.  Another prime ability that is going to make every one else suddenly get worried is that he has shown the ability to manipulate the final girl into killing. 

That's right, along with the knife, he is sending teenage girl virgins at all these other killers.  The last stated ability is that his claim to fame is actually being more than one person, so even if he slips up once or twice, another ghost face is working behind the scenes.  He is the Batman of this fight, and like Batman, he will not lose. Whats your favorite scary movie? All of them." - Green

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7. The leprechaun

"The leprechaun is on par with the most magical killers here. While some of them maybe dabble with a curse or a spell, he full on wields it.  I think this is a massive advantage over half of this list in that magic is a weakness of a lot of the other killers.  He may be susceptible to physical harm a little more, but it is worth noting that as an indirect killer he is highly effective.

He also has shown to be an excellent manipulator of peoples desires.  This is coupled with super human strength and the ability to get as viscous as a wild animal.  He can emulate other voices and sounds, and routinely uses trickery and misdirection to his benefit.  In a kill crazy slug fest being able to lead people to the same place can be a devastating advantage, pitting the others against each other.

He also has shown that he can adapt to situations and actually thrive in even the most random of conditions.  It is very likely he would devise a decent plan in seconds of discovering the others and puppet master most the fight.  The leprechaun is taking home the gold." - Gray (First contribution, yay!)

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Well the cases have been stated, Thank you for reading, If you feel we missed any details or want to continue the discussion, feel free to comment, and as always, if you enjoy this post remember to share/like/follow/pin/yell at people loudly to look at this. - Blue

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