Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The 13 best AMVs ever (according to us)

I wanted to start the site off with something light and fun, so I suggested all of us here at GeekyLists.com pick some AMV videos we liked s... thumbnail 1 summary
I wanted to start the site off with something light and fun, so I suggested all of us here at GeekyLists.com pick some AMV videos we liked so we could vote and make a top list for everyone to enjoy.  Apparently it isn't light, because there was explosive cuss words, someone had to be restrained, I think one of my teeth is loose, and our copywriter has yet to be found, so instead this is a list of each persons favorites (We had to decide on 2 because 1 wasn't doable, even then some people did 3) in random order.  The justifications for the choice will be included with the entry. It would be safe to assume that all of these videos contain spoilers, so if you haven't seen the show, watch it first, then come back.  Also we have assigned ourselves colors, if you don't catch on that quick, that was also a fight. - Blue

1. Highschool of the dead - Dope - Spin me right round

"I picked this video, because first and fore most, it captures the essence of HOTD, action, sexiness, just plain fun.  The syncing is amazing on it and it symbolic hits with the lyrics of the song.  Its also not a trendy song but instead a time tested classic and a good rock and roll cover.  This is a pinnacle of AMV's right here." - Red

2. Bleach - MSI - Straight to video (birthday massacre remix)

"I chose this AMV because it is an amazing remix of this song that adds the exact right atmosphere, the characters are all the under dogs, and each one shows that deep down they had what it took to win.  Add that to Jimmy Urine screaming "I never noticed, your so amazing" makes it one of the most emotionally resonant videos I have ever watched.  The fight pacing and timing is fantastic, and the entire video fits the music perfect.  Anyone who has been doubted and came through will get chills watching it."  - Blue

3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Joman - Daymanstep

"This video makes me laugh so hard, and its done so well. I love it, I love it, don't be a night man...you know what it is bitch."  - Yellow

4. One piece - Rise against - Prayer of the refugee

"Can we talk about craftsmanship for a second?  Because this is the best made AMV I have seen.  Theres a dynamic range of emotions.  The story is felt, it shows the power and the vulnerability of the straw hat pirates in the SAME VIDEO.  Also I love this song, so neener."  - Purple

5. Akame ga kill -  Hollywood undead - I don't wanna die

"Akame ga kill is in my top 5 all time list, for all the loss and the feels and the fighting.  I remember how hard it hit me when I was watching it in the series, and this song along with this masterful editing just brings it all back and intensifies it, I watched it and it made me have to take a moment.  That deserves recognition." - Green

6. Evangelion - Flight of the conchords - Hurt feelings

"I'm crying tears of a rapper at how funny this anime video is, I can't watch it without smiling.  The editing syncs up better than most of the ones I have seen.  Also I love Eva and Flight of the conchords, so I proudly think this is one of the all time greats.  The ladies wet suit part alone puts it on this list."  - Orange

7.  Naruto - 2 chainz - We own it

"Do I really have to defend a tribute to might guy and rock lee set to a song about never running away?  This AMV needed to be made, Might guy deserves it.  Might guy is the sleeping beast of Naruto, Forever the calvalry, and he made rock lee into his equally powerful mini me.  This video is the embodiment of 2 words: Bad Ass." - Blue

8. Soul eater - Marylin Manson - This is halloween

"This video convinced me to watch soul eater, I love soul eater.  Crazy is hard to convey right, and you can feel the madness from the song and the cartoon.  It is down right creepy at times, and the style and editing is so above par.  I rewatch this video about once a month because I like it so much.  The piano pumpkin song, and the VERY SPECIAL GUY parts make me stop and admire how well it is done. For a 6 year old video it holds up to the new level of quality extremely well, you can tell it was done with passion."  -  Green

9. Steins gate - Florence and the machine - no light, no light

"This is just a beautiful match up, the core of the show and the core of the song click, and the result of the editing just paints a sorrowful story full of pain and anger and longing.  If all AMV's were made like this, they would show them in theaters, it is wonderfully done. You go on a full journey with this one."  - Purple

10. Seto No Hanayome - The lonely island - Like a boss

"My sides hurt from re-watching this, this is so hilarious.  The cuts are perfect for each line, and it follows the flow and style of the song. This AMV deserves to be here LIKE A BOSS!" - Yellow

11. Akame ga kill - Set it off - I'll sleep when i'm dead

"I couldn't decide between this one and the Hollywood Undead one, but I really think it is just as good!  It is creepy and action heavy, and it addresses the manic side of the show so well. I also watched Akame when I couldn't sleep, so it just brings back the totally swept away feeling, seriously that anime is sooo good." - Green

12. Tech N9ne - No can do

"Ok, well if you all wanna see some real bad ass, and real psycho, this amv is for you.  It's brutal start to finish and full of bad asses.  Tech n9ne kills it and lots and lot of people get destroyed.  This is just straight up awesome, you know it, I know it, Tech n9ne knows it. All these other AMV's...no can do."  - Red

13. One Peice - Fall out boy - Centuries

"This song might as well be Luffy's theme song, every time they need a shot of him standing against impossible odds, there he is...again.  I actually thought of him when I first heard this song, and this video cashes in on that in full force.  Epic song for an epic character, plus mad editing skills = epic amv." - Orange

Well that wraps up the first post ever for GeekyLists,  There was sweat, tears...blood.  I hope you find it entertaining and enjoyed our picks for best AMV.  If you think we missed one or agree, be sure to leave a comment!