Tuesday, November 24, 2015

5 Underrated comic book runs you should read.

We here at GeekyLists decided that discussing comics would be a good way to heal after the war of The best Amv's So we decided to foc... thumbnail 1 summary
We here at GeekyLists decided that discussing comics would be a good way to heal after the war of The best Amv's

So we decided to focus our efforts on those comic books that we are always bugging our friends to check out.  In a more harmonious and peaceful vibe we each came up with something.

1. Rising stars - Joe's Comics

"Straczynski is one of those amazing writers that can suck you into a world and pull you down along side the characters.  Rising stars does this so effectively that it is scary.  I had considered what it would be like to have powers, at least I thought I had, and then I read this run of comics.  All the unseen consequences and the individual paths all the hero's take to get by actually humanized them more than many normal human characters I have read.  I found myself having to consider humanity and rethinking how I viewed the actual real world, while being completely riveted start to finish.  Anyone who mentions they haven't read Rising Stars gets hounded, HOUNDED, by me to check it out." - Purple

2. Blackest Night - DC Comics

"Now the die hards have read this one, but I think to people getting into comics, its just a huge task of a read list.  The follow up Brightest day didn't do it any favors either, but I managed to get through the entire thing, with the tie in comics and all, and for the simple reason that it casts almost every hero I have gotten to know in a new perspective and added depth to almost everyone by making them face the past.  I think its a gem of a comic run, I don't remember being that riveted by all the twists and turns, and just the raw evilness of black lanterns.  So many epic moments in the truest sense of the word (Black Lantern Super Man!), and normally a story is only as good as its antagonist, which, this run delivers in spades.  With something for everyone and a massive myth arc slowly devouring the universe alive, I am always pushing people who skipped it to go back and get it read." - Orange

3. Villains united - DC Comics

"It never got much love, and it still doesn't to this day, which I think is a shame.  The secret six didn't hand wave the throw away villains, it actually deconstructed and then reconstructed them stronger.  The writers had joke characters to work with and they managed to re-imagine into characters I truly enjoyed reading.  They all have depth and purpose and the entire run they help each other grow into so much more than they ever where.  The struggles and the trapped feelings along with characters shining away like gems in the plot make this such a good read and an emotional roller coaster.  It is definitely on my read list for anyone thinking a character should be written off." - Blue

4. Runaways - Marvel comics

"Marvel tried to switch it up a little with Runaways, and I thought it was a good switch.  The characters are all really well put together, the plot actually feels really good pace wise, the art is a joy to look at, and the twists and turns they are put through are genuinely entertaining.  It has the right balance of mystery/drama/humor/adventure to make it one of my favorite comic book runs.  I enjoyed it so much that I got avengers academy and avengers arena sight unseen just because they had the runaways in them.  The powers are cool, it is one of the examples about how having no weaknesses can a comic book stronger as a whole, it is a super easy and delightful read.  I would recommend it to anyone." - Red

5. Avengers academy - Marvel comics

"I think it's hilarious that Red said Runaways, because I try to get all my friends into Avengers academy AND avengers arena.  The highschoolish dynamic between the characters trying to sneak around under the thumb of more established heroes mixed with the kids honestly just trying to master powers and deal with all the drama that comes with having to be social and a teenager make for good stories.  The characters are easy to like and the goals are completely relatable.  I enjoyed the runs immensely but almost everyone that I talk to hasn't read them.  It is also funny to see some of the older heroes trying to relate awkwardly to teens, and what happens when your teenage angst butts up against the wrong hero." - Yellow

And there you have it, A good strong list of books you might have missed/not committed to reading all of.  I have read most of these at the urging of my friends, so I can vouch that I personally enjoyed each and every suggestion here.  The consensus is usually really positive on all of them, so maybe some hidden treasure in this list for you.  Be sure to follow/sub/like/share if you like it.   Hopefully we will feel each other out with time.