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7 of the worst fantasy movie villains to fight: War of the bad guys

 Which villains are on the top of the fantasy pecking order? After yesterdays Talk about fantasy adventure parties and in the spirit of t... thumbnail 1 summary
 Which villains are on the top of the fantasy pecking order? After yesterdays Talk about fantasy adventure parties and in the spirit of the biggest giant monster we wanted to make a list of the 7 fantasy movie villains we wouldn't ever want to face, that might give our party some trouble.  In the usual shoot out style, a list was compiled and then argued down, each justification is up to the advocate who draws it. The movie has to be considered fantasy, and contain a decent amount of fantasy themes or characters.

1. Darkness - Legend
Have you heard this one? How many unicorns does it take to turn off the sun?

Darkness has to be one of the most intimidating villains to ever appear, as a massive living embodiment of darkness, evil, and refinement.  Although physically intimidating, standing at least 9 feet tall, with giant horns, hooved feet, and a sword the size a person, a lot of his power is drawn from demonic magic, including fire balls and teleportation. 

His arguably most dangerous factor is his charisma though, commanding underworld cohorts and corrupting those around him, he uses charm as much as fear and shows a great deal of intelligence. 

A villain among villains, he doesn't want to rule the world, no, he wants to destroy the sun and plunge the entire world into darkness so he has absolute power in it, despite what that might do to the world itself.  Equally deadly with weapons, magic, and words, he is the worst type of enemy to face, and his command of the underworld is only hinted at, how many minions he actually has is never seen.

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2. Voldemort - Harry potter
His evil is as plain as the nose on his...damn
It is hard to be the scariest guy in a world full of wizards and magical beasts, to get your own name erased from every day conversation.  Voldemort not only mastered dark magic, along with most forms of magic due to magical genius.  He also managed to secure near immortality and raise a vast army of truly evil beings including all the outcast monsters.  Able to hide and manipulate better than almost anyone, you can't trust anything around you once Voldemort sets his sights on you.

He raised  the bar in wizard capabilities, becoming a human lie detector, able to posses animals and corpses for disguise, mastering the unforgiving curses to instantly kill people, and other tricks like wandless magic.  Plus he is lacking the humanity that would normally stop someone from shooting people dead with a curse, his psychopathic ways aid him in a ruthless pragmatism about anything that gets in his way.

With raw magic power, horcruxes to stay alive, the giant army of evil, and a complete lack of humanity, fighting Voldemort is something that takes decades to handle, and even then victory is the long shot.

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3. Sauron - Lord of the rings
"The eyes are the windows to the soul."
 Before transformation, Sauron was a giant imposing mace wielding lieutenant, casting illusions to turn the tide of battle.  Taking over islands and filling them with werewolves to feed prisoners to, that sort of thing.  After setting up in Mordor he devised the rings and got the elves to make them after making his one ring, killed the elves and passed them out to all the leaders of humanity.  After effectively turning the Kings into the ring wraiths, he managed to turn his next attackers into unwitting pawns and used the Numonoreans to attack the elves.
It took two elf kings to kill his physical body and that still didn't stop him, his spirit remained with the ring.  While some less informed sites may state he was just a floating eye, he won over powerful people as that eye and built an orc army with capabilities far beyond any normal army of orcs, he also created the ring wraiths, and killed whole kingdoms full of people using kingdoms he wanted out the way, that goes far beyond stabbing a hobbit.

With genius plans, flawless manipulations, countless mental and magical powers to the point of reality warping, and knowing how to use those things to create super powered guards and armies.  If you fight Sauron, you are basically fighting everyone, even half of your allies.  I mean, he IS the lord of the rings.

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4. The White Witch - Chronicles of Narnia 

Cause horses don't eat enough people
This beauty with her ice blue eyes, has a coldness few can match.  Entirely ruthless, and responsible for bringing evil to Narnia itself, she is forever crafting plans.  The moment she seized power she plunged the entire place into a never ending winter.  All standing against her will die, she takes no prisoners, and is psychopath obsessed with only power.

She is physically bordering on super powered in terms of strength, speed, and beauty. A veteran of hundreds of wars, her swordsmanship is unmatched on the field.  She can read and control minds and uses telekinesis.  If complete control over ice including the ability to preserve herself in it for as long as she wants making her functionally immortal wasn't enough, she can also turn people to stone, or on a particularly bad day, dust.

She uses her beauty, deep magic, formidable fighting skills, and charisma to amass armies and take thrones.  Then she crushes all those under her, which in her estimation, is everyone.  The best way to describe her is an avalanche of evil.

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5. Queen Bavmorda - Willow
Stab her, right in the baby

The ruler of Tir Asleen takes evil to the next level.  After seducing and killing her way to the throne and then killing anyone mentioning that she might have killed her way there, she built an army and started consolidating power.  A prophecy said a baby might be her downfall, so she steals all the pregnant moms and decides to kill all the babies, but not only kill babies, she also wants to make sure all their souls are banished forever in a nether world, because screw babies. 

When one gets away, she doesn't send one guy, she sends every guy she has to go kill that baby.  While only boasting dark magic, and an army, and a metric ton of crazy and ruthlessness, it is worth noting that magically she not only beats, but damn near humiliates everyone trying to use magic against her.   When an army comes to take her out, she matter of factly turns them all to pigs, including her own daughter.

Given her military reach, and that no one put up a credible magic fight with her, mixed with a complete lack of any sense of morals, the only one who could have taken out Bavmorda was Bavmorda.  She deserves to be on the list, hell, she deserves to be on it twice if you are a baby.

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6. Malificent - Malificent
"I am sure it DID get lost in the mail, just one more thing..."

Malificent doesn't even bother to hide.  They decide not to invite her to a dinner party, and she appears in the middle of it out of thin air, takes out a room full of guards in seconds, and then asks them why.  Her magical ability is ridiculous, even in the fairy world, and she is carrying around a heart turned to stone.  Able to drop curses on people that other sorceresses can't undo, armed with a genius level intelligence. 

She has been able to use magic for whatever she sees fit, teleporting, moving around fire, shooting electricity, creating frost storms, looking into the future, and even creating an entire magical forest of thorn bushes to lock up a castle.  Her magical power level makes some movie wizards look laughable.  If that wasn't enough, she can always just turn into a giant dragon to breathe acidic fire and become immune to conventional weapons.

Recently revamped some to add more sympathy, we are choosing to ignore the ret-con for the moment, in the world of bad ass ladies, Malificent the Mistress of All Evil, is the lady to beat.

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7. The nothing - Never ending story
Pictured above: nothing

Possibly the ultimate fantasy villain, the manifestation of disbelief itself, the imagination eater.  It erases all that it touches, and pulls all into looking at it.  The real kicker is that you don't even just erase, you become a lie in the real world. Its powers are vast as it is the flat out eater of fantasy worlds.  I can't describe it, because any description would be something, and that would be wrong. 

If that bummed you out too hard, Blue has a little trivia to help cheer you up.  The empress is named Moon Child, it is in the book, so now you can fight the nothing too.

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