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15 of the best fictional robots to pal around with: Robot buddy round up

 If you could get a robot pal, which robot would you choose?  We here at Geeky Lists decided to sort out which ones and why.  You will not... thumbnail 1 summary
 If you could get a robot pal, which robot would you choose?  We here at Geeky Lists decided to sort out which ones and why.  You will notice a distinct lack of androids on the list, with data being an exception because a case was made that he opened himself up and looked robotic more so than most.  We introduced some outside polling for input this time, and input is completely encouraged, drop a comment any time, or if you are on Facebook or Twitter you can comment or message, you will be heard.  A one robot per franchise rule was put in place for the sake of variety and and keeping the list short and readable.  So in the order of votes, Geeky Lists is proud to present to you, a list of the most wanted robot pals.

1. R2-D2 - Star Wars

R2 is the front runner, and I can see why.  First he is a mobile tool box with a ton of extensions and add ons. Second he doesn't take crap from anyone, ever.  Able to say more with beeps and whirs than some people can say with a full grasp of English, although he resembles a garbage can with wheels, he contains a ton of personality and the bravery to back it up.  He can merge with your space ship and help repair it as well.  Comes complete with a full holographic entertainment system, and also survived the prequels still looking good. 

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2. Terminator - The Terminator

The T-800 model 101 is one of the scariest robots ever made.  It has the combat and tracking abilities to make it a formidable protector to say the least.  Able to use cars and motor cycles as well as full human dexterity, plus built in scanners, and a reinforced frame, its highly durable and able to hold a conversation at the same time.  With the optional skin upgrade, it is the only one on this list that can seamlessly pass for human, which in some situations could be a serious plus. 

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3. Bender - Futurama

Bender Bending Rodriguez, made in Mexico.  He is the hard drinking and smoking kleptomaniac that befriended fry.  While most of the time he looks for angles to get over on people, he still manages to care and look out for fry when it really counts.  He is forever saying quotable lines and unapologetically hooks up with lady robots of all types.  If you are more into planning heists than just exploring, bender is definitely the robot for you.  Capable of emotions and full speech, he is a complete personality and although 95% titanium he manages to pull off some complex human situations.

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4. Data - Star Trek

Data is arguably the best character in Star Trek: The next generation according to our readers.  With inadvertent humor and struggling with trying to understand human emotions, he manages to make quite a few memorable moments.  Stronger than a Klingon and able to beat masters at their own games, he certainly brings a lot to the table.  He has compassion though, and cares about the crew as well as spot, "You must tell him he is a pretty kitty."  When offered everything he ever wanted at the expense of his friends, he walked away.  I can see how so many people chose him, just make sure you aren't accidentally getting lore.

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5. Gort - The day the earth stood still

Klaatu Barada Nikto, The phrase with a million meanings, Gort seems to be some kind of universal police man.  Forever an enigma and the best example I have seen as the strong silent type, his powers go pretty unchecked.  If you need someone to watch your back, having a sleek mystery stranger backing you up that has the power to end a planet could definitely be a bonus.  Plus he will definitely make sure they try to fix you.

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6. Wall-E - Wall-E

For a Waste Allocater Load Lifter,  Wall-E sure comes through being likable.  He doesn't have a lot of the features of the other robots, but just the same, he manages to win hearts with an efficiency only a robot can muster.  Managing to save the course of humanity while running after his love for EVE firmly planted him in the hearts of a lot of people.  I know that when I first saw him, it was like Johnny 5 had an adorable toddler.

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7. Optimus Prime - Transformers

It takes raw grit, before you are even a prime, to realize your leader is evil and turn against him.  Optimus sided with humanity before he knew about humanity.  Being disguised as a truck, he would be handy for long trips, and I don't see a lot getting past him.  He is extremely wise as well and fully equipped with a radio to make those long road trips deep and meaningful.  Given his pledge to protect the life of all sentient beings, I feel like aside from getting to hang out with a giant ass kicking robot, he would provide a lot of great character traits to aspire to, and help you try.

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8. The Iron Giant - The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant may have been made to be a weapon, but given a clean slate, he turned himself around.  He managed to learn a lot about earth from Hogarth and ultimately chose a new path for himself.  Armed with one of movies most effective weapons, the power of friendship, a would be weapon turned himself into a hero.  Also he happens to just be flat out awesome and hilarious.  The Iron Giant would be a good robot companion for anyone who just needed a buddy as well as anyone worried about the dangers of an adventure.

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9. RoboCop - Robocop

While technically half a robot, and a pretty bad cop with regard to the law, Robocop still manages to be a full and good hero.  Constantly working through sabotages and having his humanity guide his new robotic existence, he manages to pull off tons of really cool shots and moves.  Adding to that he also has a strong sense of core values, and upgrades that push him even further into the awesome category, I think he is a solid choice.  His accuracy is outstanding for a movie character with his pistol, and he has full computer integration.  Models coming after him have repeatedly not surpassed him, he is a true classic.

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10. Johnny 5 - Short Circuit

Johnny 5 got hit with a bolt of pure awesome, I am pretty sure that is all he is powered by now.  From bad ass dance moves to joining a street gang.  Who wouldn't want to hang with someone who reprograms enemies to be the three stooges.  He can rapidly absorb knowledge and apply it to his every day life, is capable of self repair, and can even reprogram himself to add functionality.  I personally would hang out with Johnny 5 even if I had nothing in particular to do, because we could joke about old movies all day.

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11. Marvin - Hitchhikers guide

Poor marvin, ever dependable and never getting a break.  He is the Eeyore of the robot world, but after living three times longer than the universe itself, that is understandable.  He may complain a lot, but a lot of the time he is witty, and he has shown himself to be reliable on many occasions through some pretty heavy circumstances.  With his brain the size of a planet, he is forced to save the day many times.  He may not be too happy, but he would be a solid companion, hopefully with someone who appreciates him.

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12. Rosie -Jetsons

Saved from being scrapped, Rosie looked after the Jetsons.  Always wearing her apron and ready for whatever was needed to keep house, she vacuumed her way into the family.  With a jersey accent she may have coined the term "Mr. J" that was co-opted so much later.  She shows genuine concern for the family quite a bit and would actually tidy up after you, so for the convenience alone, I can see why she is a popular choice.

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13.The good robot uses - Bill and ted's bogus journey

You have no idea how happy I am that they made the list.  Able to play instruments and rock out after knocking off evil robot heads.  Something about the good robot bill and ted is just likable.  Station cobbled them together out of hardware store goods, and they proceeded to help save the future.  A lot of robots have a lot of accomplishments under their belts, but "Rocked out with death himself" and "Helped god give rock and roll to you" are claims only the good robot Bill S Preston and the good robot Ted Theodore Logan can deliver, they are WILD STALLIONS.

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14. Tom Servo - Mystery Science Theater 3000

While I am sure Crow might have something to say about it, Tom Servo ranked higher than him.  He is a master of turning a bad situation into...a slightly less bad situation.  Forever coming up with a quick joke and helping to ease Joel's pain, this life long companion helps you endure psychological attacks.  Armed with a bubble gum machine for a head that dispenses one liners mercilessly, he could brighten up almost any situation.

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15. MechaGodzilla - Godzilla

 One of the only truly worth foes for Godzilla, MechaGodzilla can go missle toe to toe with the big G.  In most cases he is almost too much for him.  Using his rainbow lasers to bring the pain, MechaGodzilla was powerful enough to make you worry about Godzilla himself, let that sink in for a second.  I am not sure the practical side of hanging out with MechaGodzilla, but I do know one thing, if you show up with MechaGodzilla, whatever you needed to get done is going to get done.

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